Funker Vogt - The Signaller - New song and video - Out Now!
The Signaller (Club Mix) is available to download or stream on all platforms today.

Funker Vogt - Blessed or Cursed - New song and video - Out 22.03.2024
The new track "Blessed or Cursed" is now available everywhere as a download or stream. If you haven't done so yet, you can pre-order or pre-save the new Funker Vogt album "Final Construct" here:

Funker Vogt - Final Construct - New album - Out 03.05.2024
Final Construct - The new Funker Vogt album - Available everywhere from May 3rd as a limited double CD, colored vinyl, cassette, exclusive fan package and of course as download or stream. Pre-order or pre-save here:
Exklusive Fan-Package
- limited digipack 2CD
- signed autograph cards each from Gerrit, René and Bastian
- Funker Vogt fan scarf
- all in a stylish black gym bag
Tracklist Vinyl
Side A
1 The Signaller
2 Death Seed (Album Edit)
3 Blessed or Cursed
4 Labyrinth
5 Zinnsoldat
Side B
1 Rabbit Hole (Exclusive Vinyl Song!)
2 Rain of Ashes
3 Im Gleichschritt
4 Sternenstaub
5 Here we are
Tracklist Cassette
Side A
1 The Signaller
2 Death Seed (Album Edit)
3 Blessed or Cursed
4 Labyrinth
5 Zinnsoldat
6 Dethroned Kingdom
7 Rain of Ashes
8 Im Gleichschritt

Side B
1 Here we are
2 Life of Agony
3 Pommerland
4 Die Leinen los
5 Tiefer
6 Sternenstaub
7 Todeskommando (Exklusive Cassette Song!)
8 Im Auge des Orkans
Tracklist 2CD digipak 
The Signaller
Death Seed (Album Edit)
Blessed or Cursed
Dethroned Kingdom
Rain of Ashes
Im Gleichschritt
Here We Are

CD 2:
The Signaller (Club Mix)
Life of Agony
Zinnsoldat (Schwermetall Mix)
Die Leinen los
Dethroned Kingdom (Numb Mix)
Blessed or Cursed (Disko Mix)
Im Auge des Orkans

Funker Vogt - Death Seed - New EP and video - Out 22.02.2024
Get the EP as a limited CD, download or stream here:

Novakill - New single and new album
Australia’s premier Electro-Industrial duo, NOVAkILL, are back with their 6th album, "Artifice". Building on the success of "Iconoclast", the band delivers its most accomplished album to date.

Rage is the first single from NOVAkILL's 6th album, Artifice, an intense mid-tempo song aimed straight at the dancefloor. It perfectly showcases the album's evolved sound with layered, intertwined synth lines held aloft by typically driving drums. Included are a remix by label-mates Funker Vogt and the up-tempo EBM dancefloor filler Trigger.

Out 02.02.2024 - Order the new single "Rage" here:

01 Rage (Radio Edit)
02 Rage (Funker Vogt Remix)
03 Trigger
Out 16.02.2024 - Order the new album "Artifice" here:


01 End
02 Over
03 Rage
04 SU-49Z
05 Bloodlust
06 Lies
07 SU-YT73
08 Absolution
09 Madhouse
10 SU-G10X
11 Darkness
12 Chaos

Funker Vogt - New EP -  Out 22.02.2024
Pre-order or Pre-save it in various shops here:
01 Death Seed (Single Edit)
02 Question their Answers
03 A Hundred Ways To Die 
04 Death Seed (Ackermix)
05 Question their Answers (Answer their Questions Mix) 

Funker Vogt - New singer, new EP, new album!
The long mystery is over: Funker Vogt present their new band member Bastian Polak, who couldn't have been a better fit as a singer, shouter and as a person anyway! His range of vocal variations fascinated the band so much during Intent:Outtake that he was immediately a preferred candidate for Funker Vogt when they started looking for a new frontman. With the new single “Death Seed” (release February 22nd, 2024) and the two tracks “A Hundred Ways To Die” and “Question Their Answers” ​​Bastian already hints at his abilities. However, you will only be able to fully discover his full potential on the new Funker Vogt album “Final Construct”, which will be released in May.

We look forward to everything that comes. 2024 will be a year for radio operators!

Funker Vogt - Blutzoll (Collector's Edition) - 02.06.2023

Funker Vogt's eighth longplayer "Blutzoll" from October 2010 is finally available again. Lovingly put together as a collector's edition in a 2CD digipack, the new edition contains all the tracks and bonus tracks of the original CD, as well as the maxi CD "Arising Hero". As a special extra there are 3 previously unreleased, exclusive remixes. And of course, everything was remastered personally by Funker Vogt mastermind Gerrit Thomas. The Blutzoll Collector's Edition is also available as a download or stream in all relevant services. 

01 Arising Hero
02 Genozid
03 The State Within
04 Fire and Forget
05 Robots
06 Hold my Ground
07 Terroristen
08 Krieger
09 My Innermost
10 Bloodthirst
11 Black Waters
12 Arising Hero – Forgiven
13 Arising Hero – Club Mix
14 Arising Hero – Redemption
15 Arising Hero – Revolution
16 My Innermost – Loop Mix
01 Genozid (FGFC820 Remix)
02 Arising Hero (rotersand rework)
03 Fire and Forget (Remix by Dopestars Inc)
04 The State Within (Vigilante Remix)
05 Wake up
06 Genozid (Goldremix by Eric Van Wonterghem)
07 Arising Hero (Faderhead Remix)
08 Fire and Forget (Die Krupps Remix)
09 The State Within (Revolution Mix by Punto Omega)
10 Urban War
11My Innermost (Noblesse Oblige Remix)
12 Arising Hero (Factory mix by Komor Kommando)
13 Fire and Forget (Mortiis Remix)
14 From the Flames
15 Terroristen (2021)
16 My Innermost (Demoversion)
17 Arising Hero (Minimix)

Fusspils 11 - New album! - 29.04.2022
Featuring: Bastian Polak (Intent:Outtake), Andreas Engleitner (Intent: Outtake), Charly Barth-Ricklefs (Eisfabrik), Tim Schulschenk (Alienare), Dirk Scheuber (Scheuber), Jan Bertram (Eisfabrik), Alexander „Fischy" Fischer (Eisfabrik-Yeti), Stefan Winkel (Gecko Sector), René Dornbusch (Funker Vogt, Eisfabrik) und Stephan Herrmann (J-SOC, Scheuber)
  1. Sieben Tage lang
  2. Haifisch
  3. Bambule im Kindergarten
  4. Karl der Käfer
  5. Siehst du das genau so?
  6. Zauberstab
  7. Rollo, der Wikinger
  8. Schwarz zu Blau
  9. Zombiewelt
  10. Das Modell
  11. Klaus
  12. Trümmertango
  13. Die drei Säulen des Wahnsinns
  14. Zeig mir den Weg nach unten
  15. Siehst du das genau so? (digitalEnergy Remix)
  16. Im Studio

Ravenous - Frozen Tears (2021) - Out Now
The second pre-release single "Frozen Tears" is now available everywhere as download or stream. Pre-order the upcoming album „Forward to the Roots“ here:

Ravenous - Roots - Out Now

Enjoy the first new Ravenous song in over 20 years! "Roots" is now available in all stores. Pre-order the upcoming album „Forward to the Roots“ here:


Ravenous - Forward to the Roots- New album - Out 29.10.2021
After 21 years of silence Ravenous release a new album. On the 25th anniversary of their 1996 debut album “Mass Mental Cruelty”, „Forward to the Roots“ will hit the stores.
„Forward to the Roots“ is a mix of new songs, unreleased tracks and rarities from the band archive ranging from unreleased versions of tracks from the 1996 debut to unreleased remixes, demos and rarities. Also included is the never released single “Frozen Tears” which was originally planned for 2001.
The digital lead-single „Roots“ will be released on 08.10.2021.
01 Roots
02 Here Again
03 Frozen Tears (2021)
04 Free Me
05 If You Believe It (2002)
06 Roots (Alternative Vocal Edit)
07 Frozen Tears (2001)
08 Violent World (Plain Real Remix 1996)
09 Faster Than Time (Alternative Version 1996)
10 Flesh and Bone (Alternative Version 1996)
11 Silverray (Radio Edit 1999)
12 Empire (Unreleased Version 1999)
13 The Last (Demo 1999)
14 Between The Worlds (Re/Work Remix 2000)
15 My Name (The Dust of Basement Remix 2000)
16 The Loop (2002)

Agonoize - Revelation Six Six Sick - New album - Out 30.04.2021
The founders of Hellektro return with their new album „REVELATION SIX SIX SICK“. The beautiful limited edition 2CD Digipack is available for pre-order now. A special Fan-Box with additional merchandise is available on Pre-order here:
1. Made In Hell
2. A Hole
3. 666 Degrees Below
4. L.ove I.s
5. Komakind
6. Mststck
7. Angst Ist Macht
8. Heterodoxie
9. Faux Amis
10.Love To Hate
12.Dein Gott
13.The Age Of Depression
14.666 Degrees Below (Frozen)
15.Mststck (Sucht)
16.Tease & Denial
17.L.ove I.s (Fallen)
18.Every Day, I Die

Funker Vogt - Mc 5f146d107s27p- Limited Edition EP - Out 26.03.2021
Only two months after the album "Element 115" Funker Vogt present a 40-minute mini-album including five new songs and three remixes. Pre-order your copy of the limited Edition Digifile CD here:

1. Element 115
2. Abducted (Ununpentium-Mix)
3. Supernova
4. A Step Into The Dark (Eka-Bismut-Mix)
5. What If I'm Wrong (Moscovium-Mix)
6. The Path Of The Gods
7. Stranger
8. The Unseen

Agonoize - 666 Degrees Below - Limited Edition EP - Out 26.02.2021
There will be blood on the dance floor again!
Agonoize return with their new EP "666 Degrees Below", leading the way to the new album "Revelation Six Six Sick".

1.666 Degrees Below
2.Angst Ist Macht
3.Faux Amis (Eisfabrik Remix)
4.Komakind (Klubkind Mix)
5.Dein Gott (Nachtmahr Remix)
6.Komakind (Nachtblut Remix)

Funker Vogt - Olympus 

on 22.01.2021 the digital lead single "Olympus" hits the stores! Enjoy the official video clip and pre-order your copy of the limited 2CD Digipak album "Element 115" in various shops here:



Funker Vogt - New album - Out 29.01.2021

Funker Vogt return with their new 2CD album "Element 115". Stronger than ever before! 
Pre-order your copy in various shops here:

1. What If I’M Wrong?
2. Olympus
3. Abducted
4. A. I.
5. Gaia
6. To The Sun
7. Invasion
8. The Grey
9. Lost
10.The Wanting
11.I Want To Believe
12.Lost Kingdom
13.A Step Into The Dark
14.The Fallen Race - Bonus Edit
15.To The Sun - Bonus Edit
16.God With Us
17.Gate Of The Gods
18.How To Kill A God?
19.Invasion - Bonus Edit
20.We Believe – Bonus Edit

NOVAkILL - New album & single

Enjoy the official lyric video for the lead single „Underground“, taken from the upcoming album „Iconoclast“. Stream or download „Underground“ in all relevant stores now:
The new album „Iconoclast“ is available on 04.09.2020.

Eisfabrik - Automatisierung in der Eisfabrik - Out 21.08.2020

On 21.08.2020 Eisfabrik release their new 10-Track Mini-Album "Automatisierung in der Eisfabrik".
Order your copy in various shops here:
01) Bleeding Hearts
02) Sorrow Face
03) We Don't Care (Acoustic Guitar Mix)
04) Your Dream
05) Friends (Petone-Remix)
06) Grim Reaper (No Crop Without Seeds Mix)
07) Cold as Ice
08) We Don't Care (ES23-Remix)
09) A Better Way
10) Free 2020

Eisfabrik vs. Schattenmann - Out 23.07.2020

In times of lockdown and concert bans, Eisfabrik and Schattenmann have come together once again for a remix-battle.
Pre-order your download or stream it in various shops here:

Funker Vogt - Conspiracy - Out 27.03.2020
On 27.03.2020 Funker Vogt release their new EP "Conspiracy". Order your copy in various shops here:

1. The fallen race
2. CE-3 (First contact)
3. We believe
4. A new dawn
5. Date of expiration (Neumix)
6. CE-3 (Intruder)
7. The fallen race (Conquest)

Agonoize - A Vampire Tale - Out 07.02.2020
On 07.02.2020 Agonoize release their new EP "A Vampire Tale". Order your copy here:


01 A Vampire Tale (Blutdurst)
02 Breathe
03 I Just Want To Live
04 The Fall
05 Requiem
06 Bullet (Intent:Outtake Remix)
07 A Vampire Tale (Vanguard Remix)
08 Weltenschmerz (Diverje Remix) 

Eisfabrik - Kryothermalmusik aus der Eisfabrik - Out 24.01.2020

Eisfabrik is similar to Area 51: You know it exists. We can see and hear it, but do we know what's going on inside it?
One thing we can confirm is that on 24.01.2020 Eisfabrik will deliver their new album „Kryothermalmusik aus der Eisfabrik“!
Pre-order your copy in various shops here:

01. Deeper And Deeper
02. No Matter
03. We Don't Care
04. Grim Reaper
05. Lonely Like A Wolf
06. Too Late
07. Greetings From Far Away
08. Journey Of Oblivion
09. And Nothing Turns (Extended)
10. Back Home
11. Opposites Collide
12. White Sheet (Kryothermalversion)

Eisfabrik - Rotationsausfall in der Eisfabrik - Out 22.11.2019
After a two year break Eisfabrik are back with an EP announcing the upcoming album "Kryothermalmusik aus der Eisfabrik". Two brand-new songs and various remix versions with a total playing time of almost 40 minutes indicate where the journey is heading: Melancholy with a high catchy tune factor mark the direction of this release.

Order your copy in various shops here:

1.And Nothing Turns
2.And Nothing Turns (Club Version)
3.White Sheet
4.And Nothing Turns (Covenant Version)
5.And Nothing Turns (Schattenmann Version)
6.White Sheet (Frozen Plasma Version)
7.And Nothing Turns (Beyond Obsession Version)
8.And Nothing Turns (Robotiko Rejekto Version)
9.And Nothing Turns (Rob Dust Version)

Agonoize - new Album - Out now!
Finally here it is - the new Agonoize album "Midget Vampire Porn"
Order your copy in various shops here:
Disk: 1
Disk: 2
03. 1,2,3

Agonoize - new EP - Out now!
After almost five years the godfathers and founders of “Hellektro” finally return with a brand new EP and album:
27.09.2019 - Blutgruppe Jesus (-) / Schmerzpervers 2.0 (EP)
Preorder in various shops here:
Pre-order the new album here: 
25.10.2019 - Midget Vampire Porn (Album / DCD)
Preorder in various shops here:

1. Blutgruppe Jesus (-) (Absolution)
2. Schmerzpervers 2.0 (Verlängert)
3. Bleed For Me
4. A Vampire Tale (Funker Vogt Rework)
5. Schmerzpervers 2.0 (Centhron Remix)